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Chapter 1: Prologue

The Toa Mata, also known as the First Toa.
  • Makuta puts Mata Nui to sleep and claims control over the island of Mata Nui.
  • For years, Makuta rules.
  • The Toa Mata arrive.
  • The Toa Mata collect Kanohi masks and defeat Rahi beasts with help from the Turaga.
  • Takua assembles the Chronicler's Company to aid the Toa.
  • The Toa Mata descend into Mangaia while the Chronicler's Company defends Kini-Nui.
  • Toa Mata form the Toa Kaita and defeat the Manas.
  • Toa Mata defeat the Shadow Toa.
  • The Toa challenge Makuta, who taunts them and uses their desires against them.
  • As the Toa pool their power into Makuta, Kopaka betrays the rest, leading to their downfall.
  • Makuta takes away the essence of the Toa Mata and siphons them into the Essence Stones, turning the Toa Mata into his dark servants. Kopaka transforms into Heuani.
  • The Great Spirit relays the Second Prophecy to Takua.
  • Takua enters the Keeping Place and recovers a tablet with clues in the written form of the Bird Speech.
  • Takua tells the rest of his company about they prophecy and gives each member a clue to safekeep.
  • Hafu carves down the first six clues on a tablet
  • Mata Nui makes Takua forget the clues.
  • Taipu is given the tablet with the clues.
  • The Chronicler's Company is dispersed.
  • Makuta begins creating huge amounts of Rahkshi for future deployment.
  • Makuta builds The Vault.
  • Makuta unleashes Rahkshi to torment the villages, but retracts them.
  • A period of relative peace begins
  • Makuta summons scores of foreign species to the island of Mata Nui.
  • Mata Nui turns several Matoran to Toa in order to counter the surge of corruption
  • Takua leads his Company to the Keeping Place, where he learns of the Second Prophecy.
  • Taipu gives the shale tablet to Whenua and goes into hiding alone.

Chapter 2: Searching

  • Makuta begins killing off members of the Chronicler's Company.
  • Tamaru is the first Matoran of the Chronicler's Company to die.[1]
  • Takua tells those of the company who are alive not to tell the clues to anyone.
  • Takua manages to steal the Essence Stones from The Vault.
  • Discovering the theft, Makuta sends troops of Rahkshi around the island to look for the stones.
  • None of the stones are found and the Rahkshi leave.
Heuani interrogates Kapura.
  • Heuani captures Kapura and wrangles the clues out of him, and kills him.[2]
  • Whenua gives Stannis the tablet with the clues.[3]
  • Stannis convinces Nuju to translate the language of the tablet in Ko-Koro.
  • Makuta pulls Nuju down into darkness and imprisons him.[4]
  • The Turaga Kidnappings occur.[5][6][7][8][9]
  • The Turaga are kept in Mangaia and attached to Parakuka.[10]
  • Heuani is sent to lead Makuta's forces in the Battle of the Hive.[11]
  • During the battle, the Turaga are awakened and, being temporarily high with the power of the Parakuka, are used by Makuta as pawns.[12]
  • They are detained and wake up back in full mental health.[13]

Chapter 3: The Wanderer's Company

  • Takua visits six Matoran to tell them that they have been chosen by the Great Spirit, Stannis being the leader.
  • The Wanderer's Company travels to the Charred Forest, where Takua is waiting for them.
  • Takua reveals the secret of the Essence Stones and leads the Company to Tahu's.
  • The Company is ambushed by six Rahkshi and Aurax is killed.
  • Takua escapes and leads the Rahkshi deep into the Forest, away from the Company, to his presumed death.
  • The Company travels to Le-Koro to invite Leah as a replacement for Aurax.
  • The Company retrieves Onua's Stone from the Kumu Islets.
  • Tahu's Essence Stone leads them to Onua's in an underwater abandoned village.
  • In Papa Nihu Reef, Stannis recovers Gali's Essence Stone.
  • Ronkshou, Vidar and Utu track the Company to the Kumu Islets before losing the trail.
  • In Ko-Wahi, the Company is joined by Joske, a Toa of Fire.
  • The Company learns of the Keeping Place and six Crystals required to reach it.
  • The Company faces Ronkshou, Vidar, and Utu.
  • Joske fights them while the Company escapes to the mountains of Ko-Wahi.
  • Utu causes a massive avalanche that separates Stannis and Oreius from the others.
  • Joske saves Stannis and Oreius and goes by himself to Ga-Koro to heal.
  • Joske goes to Ta-Koro to begin his search for the Crystals with Agni, his mentor, and Cael, a Ga-Koran healer.
  • Ronkshou, Vidar, and Utu pursue Stannis and Oreius across Ko-Wahi, running across a Matoran named Korero in the process.
  • In Ta-Koro, Joske, Agni and Cael are joined by Tuara and Angelus, members of the Ta-Koran Guard, who help Joske access the Temple of Courage.
  • Joske and his team recover the Crystal of Faith in Le-Wahi without difficulty.
  • Xa-Koro and the Kumu Islets are destroyed by way of igniting the gas pockets below the islets.[14]
  • Toa Antrim helps the Matoran against the Dark Toa.
  • In Ko-Koro, Joske's quest is interrupted by a meeting with Heuani. The Toa of Shadow taunts him in the Ko-Wahi wastes and gives Joske the Crystal of Creation to prove that his quest is utterly pointless.
  • Joske recovers the Crystal of Peace.
  • Stannis and Oreius go to Po-Wahi to seek Pohatu's Essence Stone.
  • The rest of the Company recovers Kopaka's Essence Stone.
  • The Turaga Assassinations occur, conducted by the Bad Company.[15][16][17][18][19][20]
  • Stannis, Oreius, and Korero find Onewa dead in his hut, with a Parakuka that latches onto Oreius.
  • Joske departs for Onu-Koro, but Tuara leaves the group to return to Ta-Koro.
  • Reordin, Leah, Sulov, and Lepidran locate Lewa's Essence Stone in Le-Wahi.
  • Lewa's stone doesn't react to Lepidran, revealing he is not one of the Chosen.
  • In Onu-Koro, Cael enters the Temple of Prosperity at the bottom of the flooded Great Mine, and retrieves the Crystal of Prosperity, albeit with effort.
  • With Oreius in a Parakuka-induced coma, Stannis and Korero journey alone in search of the last Stone.
  • They recover Pohatu's stone.
  • Joske dives deep beneath Naho Bay in Ga-Wahi to enter the Temple of Purity, where he encounters the Guardian of the Temple, a mysterious entity tasked with the protection of the Crystal of Purity. The Guardian poses a riddle to the Toa of Fire; upon answering, she allows him to take the Crystal.
  • Stannis, Korero and Oreius leave for Le-Wahi and the Suva Nui, where they are reunited with the rest of the Company.
  • It is discovered that Korero, not Lepidran, is destined to receive Lewa's Stone.

Chapter 4: The Toa Maru

The Toa Maru arise.
  • The six Essence Stones the Wanderer's Company collected fit perfectly in six notches cut in the black obelisk and transform the Company into the Toa Maru.[21]
  • Joske goes to Kini-Nui and discovers the location of the Keeping Place, but is unable to access it.[22]
  • Joske goes to Ta-Wahi, where he places the Crystals in slots in a circle of statues - this teleports him into the Keeping Place.
  • Inside the Keeping Place, Joske finds a single pedestal with a mask on it and a note left by Takua reveals it to be the Mask of Conjuring, a powerful Kanohi granting its user the ability to program their own powers into it.[23]
  • Upon exiting the Keeping Place, Joske is immediately confronted by Heuani and the two engage in a vicious duel, with Joske's speed nearly matching Heuani's power.
  • Heuani taunts the Toa of Fire with Cael's mask, revealing that the Toa of Water sacrificed herself to him in exchange for his sparing Joske's life.
  • Joske uses his Mask of Conjuring to give himself the elemental power of Light, though at the cost of never being able to use the mask again.
  • Joske defeats Heuani in battle and the latter flees.
  • Six Rahkshi attack the new Toa, but are defeated.
  • The Toa Maru go to Kini-Nui, where they meet Joske and unlock the Keeping Place.
  • Joske opens the Keeping Place and the Toa Maru receive new masks there.
  • Joske opens the seal that protects Makuta's lair from prying eyes, and the Toa Maru descend into the darkness below.
  • The Toa Maru face and defeat the Manas.[24]
  • The Toa Maru defeat the corrupted First Toa.
  • Makuta sends out a call to all his servants, commanding them to take control of the temple and trap the Toa Maru within Mangaia.
  • The Second Battle of Kini-Nui occurs.
  • Joske uses his abilities to heal the infection of the Rahi, turning the tide of the battle.
  • The Toa Maru enter Mangaia and learn how the First Toa failed.
  • Makuta himself assaults the Maru both physically and mentally.[25]
  • The Maru combine their elemental energies and unleash the full brunt of their power on the Makuta.
  • On the surface of Mata Nui, the Makuta sends legions of Rahkshi against all villages.[26]
  • The Rahkshi attack the Koro, quickly overwhelming them.
  • The Maru realize Makuta has grown stronger since defeating the Mata, and cannot be defeated.
  • Realizing that his mask is the final, most powerful failsafe, Stannis banishes the Makuta from Mata Nui forever.[27]
  • Lacking directions, the Rahkshi attacking the villages are easily repelled.[28]
  • The Toa Maru return to their own villages through the Dark Walks.

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