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Type Equipment
Technology Level Archaic Tech
Appearance Various
Powers Various
OOC Information

Kanohi are masks of power that can be worn by a variety of species. Over the years, many fans have created ideas for their own custom Kanohi. Some of these have been canonized, others have been mae for use in RPGs. This page will hold all of them we can find. To view canon Kanohi, visit Kanohi on Biosector01. This page serves as a compendium of all of them.

Disclaimer: A Kanohi being listed on this wiki does not qualify it to be used in characters for your RPGs - please check with the specific character creation rules for an RPG, as custom Kanohi may require special approval for use or only certain custom Kanohi are allowed.

For a list of canon Kanohi, please see Known Kanohi and Other Kanohi.

Custom Kanohi