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Le Wahi BOA.png
Le-Wahi is covered in forest and jungle
Type Region
Island Mata Nui

Le-Wahi is the Air region on Mata Nui, and home of Le-Koro.


Le-Wahi is located in the southern area of Mata Nui. The area consists mainly of swamp and lush jungle, and almost the entire ground level of Le-Wahi is taken up by the Fau Swamp. This is also the location of Toa Lewa 's Suva. Le-Wahi is bordered by Kanae Bay, which feeds into Lake Pala. Some of the trees grow to incredible sizes here.

Notable Locations

  • Le-KoroThe village of air, where the Le-Matoran lived. Currently, it is rebuilding some minor damage from an assault force sent by the Peers
  • Aurora's home:  A platform near, but not connected to Le-koro.  The owner considers this not part of Koro, untill futher notice.
  • The Fau Swamp: A marshy area that extended through most of the jungle floor
  • Kanae Bay: A large bay in southern Le-Wahi. It was here that Toa Lewa's Toa Canister washed ashore.
  • Nui-Rama Hive: As the former home to the Nui-Rama, the Hive was dangerously near Le-Koro, serving as a staging ground for attacks by tainted Rahi. It also hosted protodermis mines, presumably for Makuta. It was the "base" from which the Rama would attack the Le-Matoran. These mines were enforced by odd taskmasters: glowing Hoto bugs that would deliver a shock to misbehaving Matoran. The Hive was recently destroyed by a joint force of the various Koro's Militias led by the Island Liberation Squad.
  • Lake Kanae: The largest lake in Le-Wahi; Le-Koro is situated on its bank.
  • Lake Pala: A small lake in the northeast of the Wahi.
  • Pala-Koro : A Small village built on the southern shore of the lake, where the ILF made their home. It suffered major damage at the hands of a large group of Makuta Followers, but has since been rebuilt.
  • Kanae Island: An island, much smaller than Mata Nui, which sits very close to Le-Wahi's east coast
  • Kumu Islets (Formerly)

Local Wildlife

  • Ash Bear: Large bears that can be territorial
  • Bog Snake: Dangerous serpents that lurk in the swamp
  • Brakas: Annoyingly intelligent monkey-like creatures
  • Gukko: Huge docile birds, often used as mounts for Le-Matoran
  • Mata Nui Fishing Bird: Noisy and intelligent birds that dive for fish on the coast
  • Muaka: Huge tiger-like Rahi
  • Nui-Kopen: The larger cousins of the Nui-Rama
  • Nui-Rama: Large flying insects; mostly eliminated after the destruction of their hive
  • Pokawi: Small, bright, and flightless bird-like Rahi
  • Shore Turtle: A large turtle that is found on the shores
  • Ussal: Giant crabs
  • Fikou: Spider-like Rahi