Akiri Summit

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The Akiri Summit was when all six Akiri met at Kini-Nui to speak about the current issues of the island.

Precursing Information

Akiri Kongu sent out five letters, inviting his fellow akiri to convene at the Kini-Nui and speak of the current issues on the island.  It had been too long, he wrote, for them to be apart and not see one another.  All akiri responded favorably to the idea, and quickly wrapped up any politics they may have been engaged in.


In Attendance by Order of Appearance:

  • Le-Wahi: Akiri Kongu and Ka, Commander Skyra Daring and Destiny
  • Onu-Wahi: Akiri Nuparu and a small squad of Ussalry members
  • Ta-Wahi: Akiri Jaller, assorted cooks and traveling companions, and Oreius Maru
  • Po-Wahi: Akiri Hewkii came alone, though started out traveling with Tesax of the Kikanolo Corps.
  • Ga-Wahi: Akiri Hahli, Leah Maru (Accompanied by Reordin Maru)
  • Ko-Wahi: ?


The Akiri agreed to continue their peaceful cooperation with and bury any doubts they may have for one another.


  • This event was not RPed because of a data loss on Bzpower, and was instead announced at the beginning of Chapter 2.