Clan Dastana

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Clan Dastana
Type Clan

Clan Dastana is the more recent clan of the great triumvirate, having bought their title after hard work as merchants.  

Clan Description

Clan Dastana is a confederacy of merchants who worked their way to power. They are despised by many aristocratic clans, but nonetheless control much of of the Ringti and Saihoko of the empire. They own the banks, make the submersibles, and hold the Empire's purse strings. They have thusly established themselves as the underdogs of the Kentoku Empire.


Clan Dastana exerts dominion over Iki, it being the confederacy's home island.


  • Arsix (Toroshu)
  • Jasix (First Son)
  • Shivada (Imperial Loyalist)
  • Komyeh
  • Osmako
  • Libro
  • Harume
  • Daijuno
  • Akimoto
  • Tapui


Friends and Allies

  • Clan Kyoshi: The Kyoshi scientists are an offshoot of the Dastana, and are closely allied with the confederacy.
  • Clan Vilda: Clan Vilda chose to align themselves with the Dastana in the Kentoku Civil War.


  • Clan Umbraline: The Dastana had decent relations with the Umbralines under the reign of Rora Yusanora. But implication of a Dastana in her assassination, and the murder of Toroshu Yomiken by Umbraline extremists, relations dissolved between the two.
  • Clan Fursic: The Dastana retain a rivalry with the Fursic, due in part to the Fursic's classist attitude.