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"We had a good run of it, didn't we? I'll see ya around... mate."
— Draygon's final words.

Draygon (Veteran).png
Aliases Veteran
Element Fire
Species Skakdi
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Equipment & Traits
Powers Impact Vision
Weaponry/Equipment Protosteel Claymore
Alignment Neutral
History & Relationships
Native To Zakaz
Faction The Outsiders
Occupation(s) Recruiter
OOC Information
Status Deceased
Status (IC) Inactive
Creator Nato

Draygon, better known as Veteran, was a recruiter for The Outsiders.


Before The Beginning

Prior to the events of the BZPRPG, Draygon was a close friend of Minnorak. During a fateful sea voyage, the two of them were attacked by the Vortixx Lash, who blinded one of Draygon’s eyes and threw Minnorak overboard.

After recovering from his injuries, Draygon ventured off to the island of Mata Nui to search for his lost friend. Although both lost their memories upon their arrival on the island, they reunited and renewed their friendship. The two plied their trade as mercenaries together for a time, but Draygon was aging out of the profession, and when The Outsiders were formed, he signed on as a recruiter rather than an active operative.

Recruitment Missions

Veteran’s first mission for The Outsiders was to recruit a potential prospect in Ta-Koro, a Ko-Toa named Kouyran. Kouyran accepted the offer, and later sparred against Draygon to prove his worth, giving the Skakdi a few more scars for his ever-growing collection.

Following Kouyran’s official induction into the organisation, he and Draygon returned to Ta-Koro to recruit Rekhyt, then to Ga-Koro to recruit Ayar in Ga-Koro, before returning to Obsidian Outpost, where he convinced a former Sanctum Guard named Veneras to also join the group.

Dryagon’s Last Duel

Despite his devotion to The Outsiders, there was nothing that Draygon could do to save the organisation from its bitter end. When two of its founding members disappeared, taking the group’s connections, finances, and long-term plans with them, the group steadily disintegrated. Beings that Draygon had help recruit and train turned against each other and abandoned the outpost, each departure breaking the old Skakdi’s heart a little more.

When Ko-Koro was liberated, Makuta worshippers fleeing the fallen city ransacked Obsidian Outpost. Draygon, Minnorak, and a few remaining Outsiders successfully fended off the attackers, and though Draygon emerged largely unscathed, the battle still took its toll.

He died in the mess hall, a bottle in his hand, a mischievous glint in his one good eye, and a sad smile on his face.

Minnorak, the last Outsider still standing, Draygon on the slope overlooking the outpost, a favourite spot from which he used to watch the recruits train.

Abilities and Traits

Draygon was short for a Skakdi, with reddish skin and two rows of spines going from his lower back up to his shoulders, with thin webbing between them, giving the appearance of bat-like wings. His body was wreathed in scars and swirling patterned tattoos in indigo ink, a similar colour to the eyepatch he used to cover his damaged left eye.

Wise, but weary, Draygon had an eye for talent and a love for spycraft. Frequently underestimated due to his age and height, he had mastered the art of fading into the background, silently observing the goings-on around him. But when he wanted to be noticed, he did so with aplomb, armed with a bombastic attitude and a vaguely Australian accent.


Friends and Allies


" Welcome to the party. We're celebratin' Scholar joining the group. You just missed him blowin' up his candles."
— Draygon