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"Welcome to Obsidian Outpost. Are you looking for work… or offering?"
— Minnorak

Aliases Enforcer
Species Vortixx
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Equipment & Traits
Weaponry/Equipment Halberd
Alignment Neutral
History & Relationships
Faction The Outsiders
Occupation(s) Mercenary
Rank Leader
OOC Information
Status Alive
Status (IC) Active
Creator Nato

Minnorak, formerly known as Enforcer, is a Vortixx mercenary, and current leader of The Outsiders.


Pre-Game History

After being betrayed and nearly killed by the woman he loved, Minnorak washed up on the shores of Mata Nui, and took up mercenary work. Eventually, he came into contact with Zero, and helped her in developing The Outsiders. As one of the founding members, he earned himself a high rank within the organisation, serving as the unofficial third-in-command behind Zero and Forger.

The Fall Of Ko-Koro

While the attack on Ko-Koro raged, The Outsider's leader Zero summoned all of her aides to meet with her, to discuss how they should approach the situation. A five-strong team consisting of Enforcer, Forger, Tracer, Champion and Judge set off for the besieged city, and soon found themselves hired by a pair of Dark Toa to launch an attack on the hospital, the last major bastion of defence in the area.

Swiftly abandoned by the Dark Toa, soundly defeated by the defenders, and justifiably vilified for attacking a "place of peace", the group were forced to negotiate a ceasefire. The negotiations almost proved short-lived after Enforcer discovered that one of the defenders, Toa Kimala, had maimed Judge after she'd already taken him prisoner and deprived him of his Kanohi. Forger was able to talk Enforcer down, and the group departed the hospital.

Shortly afterwards, three new Outsiders recruits - Verulas, Veneras and Rekhyt - as well as the non-Outsider Dastan, decided to follow Kimala back to Ko-Koro to assist her with her search for the Toa Maru. Being responsible for the recruits, and not trusting Kimala, Enforcer accompanied the group. His distrust proved well-founded, when Kimala abandoned the group as soon as battle was joined with Makuta worshippers. During the ensuing battle, Rekhyt and Veneras were injured, and Enforcer persuaded the group to withdraw, seeing no reason to risk his recruit's lives now that Kimala was gone.

The End Of The Outsiders

In the days that followed, Enforcer helped oversee training battles between some of the new recruits, and helped resettle refugees coming in from Ko-Koro. He also played a role in formalising an alliance between Obsidian Outpost, Ihu-Koro, and Ta-Koro.

Unfortunately, the events in Ko-Koro proved to be the one and only major mission The Outsiders carried out. With new recruits coming in and no funds or food to sustain them, tempers flared, and when Zero and Forger disappeared, things fell apart completely.

Enforcer clung to The Outsiders until the bitter end, which came soon after Ko-Koro was retaken. Forces of Makuta fleeing the battle ransacked Obsidian Outpost, driving away or killing The Outsiders who hadn't already abandoned the group. After burying his old friend Draygon, Minnorak left the outpost behind and set off to explore the island, intent on carving out a new life for himself somewhere.

The Quest For Redemption

Though he travelled far and wide during the intervening months, Minnorak ultimately found himself drawn back to Obsidian Outpost, possessed by a passion to rebuild The Outsiders. He met with Tarkahn, the new Akiri of Ko-Koro, to apologise for the mistakes of the past and establish a formal working relationship with the Koro. Negotiations proved successful, and Minnorak set to work restoring Obsidian Outpost.

Shortly afterwards, he was visited by Quoribay, who was putting a team together for the score of a lifetime: a heist on the Iron Mahi. Recognising the value a successful score would bring to The Outsider name, Minnorak eagerly agreed to take part. Unfortunately, the mission got off to a rocky start, when one of the other members of the crew turned out to be Raaka Baszlin, a Skakdi who had aided in the defence of the hospital during the battle in Ko-Koro.

Abilities and Traits

Minnorak is large and muscular, even for a Vortixx, clad in heavy armour in metallic sheens of black, blue, and grey. He wears a harrowing helm every bit befitting of a being of his stature, shaped similarly to the head of a Kane-Ra bull, with thick, sharpened horns curving out from atop it. The faceplate, however, is shaped to resemble the segmented, serpentine shape of a Rahkshi.

Though he could easily be mistaken for a big, dumb brute, Minnorak is more quiet and thoughtful than he often lets on. Smart enough to know when he’s outmatched, he isn’t afraid to forsake his pride and pay when the odds are against him. Deep down, his defining characteristic is a desire to belong, to have a place and people that he can call his own. Having failed to find this in the past, he's now determined to make it himself.

In battle, Minnorak wields a halberd-like weapon able to deliver a debilitating discharge of electricity through its blades at the press of a button. He also carries a shield capable of absorbing the elemental energy of incoming attacks that strike it and generate a Rhotuka of the same element.



  • Barus - better known by the alias Judge, Barus was an Outsiders operative who was brutally maimed after being taken prisoner during an operation that Minnorak was helping lead.
  • Transient - also known as Nialus, Minnorak helped teach this Ba-Toa in many of the mercenary tricks of the trade.
  • Veteran - AKA Draygon, Minnorak's closest and oldest friend, both before and after his arrival on the island of Mata Nui.


  • Kimala - Minnorak hates this Toa for maiming an Outsider who she'd taken prisoner, and abandoning several others during battle.
  • Lash - Minnorak's former lover, she broke his heart, tried to kill him, and slashed out one of Draygon's eyes.
  • Zero - The original founder of The Outsiders, Minnorak once would've done anything for Zero, but now deeply resents her for her secretive management methods and sudden disappearance, which left the organisation leaderless and without direction.
  • Forger - Former second-in-command of The Outsiders, Forger was once Minnorak's brother-in-arms, but he too disappeared without explanation, contributing to the downfall of The Outsiders.


"Nobility and honour are admirable qualities, but in our line of work, they'll get you nothing but a knife in your back."
— Minnorak

"As for the name... well, I guess you could say I'm somewhat attached to it, and what it stands for. We'll be the same group, doing the same things, from the same location, so there's not much more I can do to distance us from our past mistakes except avoid repeating them as best I can."
— Minnorak