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Frii'Glokk is a Skakdi of Iron.  He was more expendable  warrior in his clan, and his lower arm got slashed off once when he delivered some particularly bad news to his Commander.  He has since vowed to work to crush evil.


Life Before Mata-Nui

Frii'Glokk was a soldier in the army of a warlord on Zakaz.  He was more expendable, and often delivered messages to other warlords.  They didn't like bad news.  To the extent that one cut Frii'Glokk's lower arm off to make a point.  He was then sold to slavery for some weapons, and toiled for decades in quarries.  This improved his endurance and strength greatly.  On a voyage between quarries, Frii'Glokk encountered a Vortixx smuggler who was going to take over the ship.  The vortixx made a prosthetic arm for Frii'Glokk, that worked as a gun.  As they were doing mutiny, a storm hit and knocked Frii'Glokk unconcious.

Arrival to Mata-Nui

Frii'Glokk washed up on the shores of Le-Wahi with amnesia.  He created armor for himself and was directed to the ILF, for he wanted to fight Makuta.  He joined the ILF and participated in the Pala-Koro battle.  He began by carrying an onconcious Onyx to the ILF HQ, where he woke up the toa.  Then he carried Vompran to the ILF bar and cauterized the toa's wounds via heat vision.  Then he went to help Onyx in the battle, driving away Spyder.  After the battle, Frii'Glokk sealed Verak's wounds.

Appearance and Tools

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Abilities and Traits

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Friends and Allies




  • Frii'Glokk is the first non-Matoran Character created by Bulik.
  • Frii'Glokk's name is not supposed to be a reference to his freedom from slavery or the Glock sidearm.  All similarities are purely coincidental.