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Element [[:Category:Ice Elementals (BZPRPG III)|Ice]]
Species [[Matoran]]
Gender Female
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Hau
Alignment Lawful Good
History & Relationships
Affiliation Sanctum Guard
Occupation(s) Captain of the Sanctum Guard
OOC Information
Creator Visaru

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[[Category:Matoran (BZPRPG III)]]

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[[Category:Ice Elementals (BZPRPG III)]]

Korzaa is the captain of the Sanctum Guard.


Korzaa has always been a guard. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t. She has always been a good one too, and loved being one. Work is her number one priority, more than her own personal safety, more than love, more than friends. It shouldn’t be surprising that she is relatively alone. It also shouldn’t be surprising that she has risen quite high in the ranks of the sanctum guard. Actually, she’s kind of hit the roof- Korzaa is the Captain of the Guard, and her only superior is Akiri Matoro. She’s loved the position in her own special way, funneling everything into keeping the guard strong. But it’s peacetime now, and her knowledge of war isn’t quite as useful as it once was.

Personality and Traits

Korzaa is a hardened warrior with intimate knowledge of war and it’s tactics. Fighting enemies is what she does best, and she approaches every fight or battle like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Besides her muscle and her mind, she has no special powers.

Korzaa is uncomfortable not having a clear enemy to fight. She hates intrigue and subtlety, so often is oblivious to them. Also, she has no special powers in a straight up brawl, which puts her at a disadvantage to beings which do have them.


Korzaa is a veteran of a 1,000+ year long war against Makuta and his followers, and it shows. Her armor is scarred and battered, and beneath it lies thick, corded muscle. She is large, powerful, well built, with a couple nasty scars to top it off. She moves with controlled, powerful momentum. Korzaa's mask is a crude, plain Hau.