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Laki is an average looking Le-Matoran who only recently began to take part in the events of the island. More specifically, driven by a sense of destiny, Laki decided to join theIsland Liberation Squad. He has skills as a carpenter and a smith, and resided in Pala-Koro before realizing his destiny lay elsewhere.


Drawn by Gravity










Two metal throwing disks


Soldier, Smith


Peer's army

Creator Visaru


Laki's first clear memories have him working as a bridge tender in the village of air. He kept Le-Koro hanging in the trees. It wasn't a glamorous job, but was once very content. He didn't want change or want to be a hero; Laki was fine just working, although he really admired toa and other heroes. He had gotten used to the fact that he'd have to live in his village, fighting off Rahi for his entire life, until he saw the opportunity to join the Island Liberation Squad, and help save the island, which he believed was his destiny. 

After a short and misguided time spent in the group, Laki realized his true calling lay elsewhere. In an effort to find his destiny, he traveled to Xa-Koro, where he lost his money and thus any hope of getting off the den of thieves. Laki did join the Peer's army and leave the islets before their destruction. Unable to comprehend this terrible fortune, Laki sort of fell into a trance, meekly following the army. He spent intense amounts of time forging weapons for them, finding happiness in the simple task.

Appearance and Tools

Laki sports brown and green armor, that is tattered and scarred like most matoran's. He wears a powerless green mask of strength.

He possesses two buzz saw-shaped returning throwing disks of metal, and a couple metal covered explosive Madu Cabolo.


Friends and Allies

  • ILF
  • Aelynn
  • Tahuva
  • Others in Le-Koro