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"I'm either very lost... or very late."
— Vesun







Kanohi Mask:

Gray Sanok


Neutral Good







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Vesun is a Toa of Gravity hailing from a distant land. He was sent on an important mission to the dangerous island of Mata Nui, but had the memory of his home removed to keep it safe. In the process, unfortunately, something went wrong, and he now suffers from a spreading amnesia. He is in search of beings with powers of telepathy, whom he believes would be able to cure his ailment. He has a recurring and mysterious dream every time he sleeps, accompanied by a chant: "Eyes in the dark, two siblings sundered. The void in the void brings heroes from thunder."

Vesun literally fell from the sky one day and collapsed an abandoned tunnel in Onu-Wahi. He wandered the tunnels until he found Kirgan, who listened to his trouble and took him to the hospital. There, he learned he needed a telepath to cure his amnesia. He set out in search of one, and made friends with Reson and Sajis, but before he could find one, Kirgan was kidnapped. Khervos, Kirgan's new friend, came to tell him, and the two set out to find Kirgan. The kidnapper, Kavala, led them straight into a trap, sealing them in a cave along with Kirgan and Onoraza. They dug their way out and came after Kavala, subduing him with Lash's help in an Onu-Koro pub. They handed the kidnapper over to the Ussalry along with his Shadowstone.

He set out towards Ko-Koro, along with Kirgan, Khervos, and Tuli, in search of telepaths, but the tunnel connecting it to Onu-Koro collapsed. He headed instead to Ta-Koro to take the cable car. Discovering that Ko-Koro was under attack, he headed instead to Ga-Koro, and found the telepath Vakua there. After a brief and inconclusive encounter with Vakua's enemy and former teammate Skorm, the two fused minds and Vakua managed to halt the advance of Vesun's amnesia. Vesun parted with his Onu-Koro friends to join Vakua's incomplete Toa team, the Toa Kalta. They traveled back to Ta-Koro and there sought a way to help end the occupation of Ko-Koro.