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"It’s nothing personal. I just got a better offer."
— Lash

Nicknames Lash
Species Vortixx
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Equipment & Traits
Weaponry/Equipment Takea’s Tooth
Alignment Neutral
History & Relationships
Allegiance Herself
Occupation(s) Mercenary
OOC Information
Status Active
Status (IC) Alive
Creator Nato

‘’’Lash’’’ is a former Vortixx mercenary who has made and betrayed a litany of alliances.


Pre-game history

Lash worked as a contract killer, mercenary and bodyguard in exchange for money back on her homeland. After a mission gone awry, she fled her homeland for new shores, eventually finding her way to the island of Mata Nui.

Pact With The Piraka

Shortly after her arrival on the island, Lash ventured into the Darkwalk, following up rumours of the Piraka and the Vault Loot. Along the way, she formed a short-lived alliance with fellow mercenary Aurum, who fought by her side against a Rahkshi of Heat Vision prowling in the tunnels. The pair eventually encountered Piraka Hakann, who decided he only required one mercenary, and demanded they fight each other to prove their worth. During their battle, an explosion triggered by Lash revealed the presence of two further opportunistic visitors, Kavala and Lonefeld. All four ultimately entered the Vault and received various forms of Vault Loot, with Lash receiving a vial of Antidermis which she used to enslave a Rahkshi of Vacuum that she came to name Breathless.

Union With The Ussalry

In exchange for the Antidermis, Lash was instructed to make her way to Onu-Koro, to assist with an upcoming attack on the city. She managed to bring her Rahkshi into the city by separating it from its Kraata and hauling the suit in under the pretence of salvaging and studying it. In the days that followed, circumstances forced her to betray Kavala to help cover her allegiances, and she later took an Ussalry guard hostage after he confronted her about her true intentions. It didn’t take long for the Ussalry to track down their missing member and surround the inn where Lash was taking refuge. As no one had been hurt yet, Onepu was willing to hear Lash out, and gave her an ultimatum: go with the Ussalry and continue her experiments with the Rahkshi under careful guard, destroy the Kraata, or leave the city, with Lash deciding to take the first option. She and her latest temporary ally Skoll were taken to Ussalry Headquarters, where Onepu negotiated with Nuparu to allocate space for Lash and the Rahkshi to operate.

Negotiating With Niralle

Upon learning of the Vortixx and her tamed Rahkshi, ambitious Onu-Koroan businessman Niralle sent his lawyer to negotiate for her release. Despite attempting to build a case that Lash had committed no serious crimes and should be released from custody, the Ussalry didn’t budge on their position that her Rahkshi posed a potential threat. Enticed by the possibility of an alliance with the businessman, Lash decided to take Onepu’s third option and leave the city… only to sneak back in through an unguarded tunnel, and make her way to Niralle’s Estate to meet him in person. Niralle revealed his grand designs to profit from the coming war that he believed would inevitably consume the island, and explained his interest in Lash was partially based on her familiarity with both the Piraka and the Ussalry. He offered her the position of Head Of Security, which she tentatively accepted.

Battle Of The Bay

As with many alliances in Lash’s life, her relationship with Niralle ultimately soured, and she ventured off to Ga-Koro, where she negotiated with Leah Maru for permission to enter the city (on the condition that her Rahkshi remain outside, under watch of the local guards). While in the city, she was attacked in the street by a vengeful Kavala, fresh from his stint in Onu-Koro’s jail. The battle quickly drew a crowd, and Kavala ultimately backed off, once he learned of Lash’s tentative alliance with the village and its resident Toa Maru. In the month that followed, Lash laid low in a beachside hut just outside the Koro, honouring the agreement not to bring Breathless into the city, but staying close enough to retreat to the safety of the well-patrolled streets if any of her enemies caught up with her.

A stylised depiction of Breathless. In-game, the Rahkshi's armour recogniseably reflects the proper colourscheme for a Vacuum Rahkshi.

Appearance and Tools:

Grey-skinned and clad in dark green armour, Lashaara is about average height for a Vortixx, and more lean and wiry than most. Her eyes and heartstone are red, matching the crimson hue of the lightstone she wears around her neck, a souvenir from a past journey through the Darkwalks. In battle, she wields a razor-edged whip named Takea’s Tooth, and a stasis shielding device.

Her companion Breathless is typical in appearance for a Rahkshi, with a sleek, serpentine carapace, and black/orange colouring to its armour. Breathless wields an ornate staff tipped with twisted blades.

Abilities and Traits:

Lash is self-obsessed to a destructive degree, having deceived or abandoned every friend, partner, and cause she’s ever aligned with, for her own benefit. She’s burned every bridge, betrayed every bargain, and broken every promise, forcing her to remain on-the-move for almost her entire existence, for fear of someone she spurned finally catching up with her. Lies and falsehoods are as natural to her as breathing, and over the years she’s become so wrapped up in her own delusions and deceptions that even she’s lost track of what’s true and what isn’t.

She also has little in the way of foresight, pursuing short-term objectives with little consideration for the bigger picture. Her greatest weakness, however, is her lack of empathy and understanding, her warped worldview leaving her literally incapable of understanding what motivates others, making it difficult for her to anticipate their actions.

Breathless, being a Rahkshi of Vacuum, allowing them to absorb and release air with both precision and brutality, pulling objects towards them or unleashing concussive blasts. Their Kraata can infect Kanohi through physical contact. Though they are enslaved by Lash, Breathless still retains their connection to the recently-returned Makuta.





"I have no use for masks, and I've seen enough fancy technology to last me a lifetime, but this Antidermis is something I've never heard of before. I'm curious to see what it can do."
— Lash

"See, that sounded suspiciously like you insulting my intelligence… and I didn't come here to be insulted"
— Lash

"Artahka have mercy no, silly Vortixx. When war is upon us, you will know."
— Niralle