The Massif

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The Massif
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Type Settlement
Island Mata Nui (Island)
Region Ko-Wahi
Status Populated
Creator EmperorerWhenua

Formerly governed by Toa-Protector Antrim, The Massif is a place of reflection and peace located in the hills between the steamy swamps of Le-Wahi and Ko-Wahi's alps. Upon Lord Antrim's murder at the hands of Ambages, protectorship of the minor realm fell to the redeemed toa Brykon, while day-to-day leadership of the monastery and its town was taken over by a council of villagers.

It is temperate in climate and has clashing weather currents; the warm air below, the cold air above, and the breezes from the sea all mix to produce unstable and often misty weather. The area is almost always blanketed with fog. There are no trees - grasses are the only vegetation, and the greenery is well-nourished with fertile soil and abundant water. The Massif itself is a huge dome of rock, capped with sod and grass, which shelters the village that takes its name. The village is little more than a cluster of huts around Antrim's tower.  Atop the crest of the great hill is a stone monastery, containing a shrine to Mata Nui and the Three Virtues.

Notable Mentions

  • Stannis spent an unknown length of time at The Massif after leaving the Ta-Koro Guard. During his wanderings, he and his company returned to The Massif when fleeing Ronkshou to seek Toa Antrim's protection.
  • Brykon was mentored by Toa Antrim after being captured by the guardian in Ga-Koro. Through this period of at least a month he was able to be repurposed from amoral fighter to moral undercover agent and began to work towards fixing his past mistakes.
  • Toa Merror came to The Massif when his teammates convinced him that he needed to take a break and recover his energy.
  • After Makuta's fall, Joske and Cael spent three months at The Massif, recovering from their experiences in the final days of the war.  They left three months later, with Merror accompanying them.