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"I only wish I learned sooner that I didn't need to pick up a sword to fight Makuta, that wars aren't won solely by those in the front line. It was only through helping rebuild Onu-Koro after the end of the war that I realized I am more effective here, building shelter for the innocent who fled Ko-Koro, than I would ever have been trying to drive out those who breached the city's walls."
— Nichou

Nichou studio massif.png
Nichou on a hillside of The Massif
Type Player Character
Nicknames "Woodsmith" (According to Fiva),

"Nich'" (According to Kyhra)

Element Earth
Species Matoran
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Kakama
Weaponry/Equipment Axe

Combination Knife/Spear



Alignment Lawful Good
Goals Help others as best he can
History & Relationships
Native To Mata Nui
Home Ko-Koro (currently)

The Massif (formerly)

Onu-Koro (formerly)

Resides At Ambage's Apartment

42 King's Road, Ko-Koro

Group Stannis's Companions (Formerly)
Occupation(s) Carpenter, Carver, Architect
OOC Information
Status (IC) Alive
Status (OOC) Active
Creator Bulik
Pronunciation Nih-CHOW
Color (Hex) 8e44ad
Color Preview

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Nichou is an Onu-Matoran tradesmatoran with boundless curiosity and a penchant for adventure. Skilled in carpentry, carving, and architecture, his adventures have taught him that great deeds can be accomplished with such mundane skills.

As of late, Nichou has gone adventuring again, joining a new group of allies in Ga-Koro.


Skilled in carpentry, carving, and architecture, his adventures have taught him that great deeds can be accomplished with such mundane skills. Most of Nichou's connections and adventures come from his many weeks of travels with Stannis's Companions, however recently his service building refugee housing during and after the Second Battle of Ko-Koro has provided modest recognition.

As of late, Nichou has gone adventuring again, joining a new group of allies in Ga-Koro.

Arc One

Nichou was just your average hard working onu-matoran, until one day, a stranger entered his shop. Fiva bought something and asked if Nichou wanted to bounty hunt a Skadki with him. Seeing the adventure (And the reward, or course!) Nichou said yes. They travelled to Ko-Wahi to find their target. They teamed up with Toa Kethrye at Ko-Koro, who quickly used his Kanohi Akaku to find the rogue Skadki. The chase had begun! They caught up with the Skadki and Kethrye made a bad pun, initiating the suprise attack. but the Skadki had a suprise of her own. Suddenly, a Toa jumped from the rooftops and assaulted Nichou and his allies. Nichou took his time assembling a net launcher, and then joined in on the carnage. It was an even battle, until suddenly, a Vortixx teleported out of nowhere and attacked them! Things were looking bad, they were getting badly beaten by an swarm of attacks. Suddenly, Kethrye got knocked out, and Fiva had to rescue him. Fiva's armor was breaking, but he stilll managed to save Nichou's life by distracting the enemy attacks from Nichou. Nichou knew this was not a good time to fight, just as the enemy was about to slit his throat, he dashed away, limping and mask cracked.

Ta-koro, and the formation of Stannis's Companions

Nichou took the cable car to ta-koro, instead of using the old, dangerous highway. He was hoping to find a forge to fix his mask, then he would go back home. He found Zyck's armory, and eventually got his mask fixed. After that, he met a matoran of iron outside. This matoran, Dece, knew nothing of this land, or how he got he, other than washing up on a beach in Ga-Wahi. Nichou explained the past hundred years to him, but then Dece had a strange vision, so they decided to ask Vakama. Vakama told Dece and Nichou to go to Stannis's newly formed group, so that they might be able to figure out Dece's visions while adventuring. Stannis's Companions was formed, and after a short discussion, they travelled to Kini-Nui, to investigate things happening there.

Nichou mnolg with axe.png

Kini Nui

In their travel, they soon came across the Ice Gate, which Nichou carved a key to, allowing them to pass. When they arrived at Kini-Nui, Stannis and Atiel went to a nearby fortress, to ask if there was anything strange happening recently. Meanwhile, Nichou and the others investigated the main temple area, where the remains of a battle with nui rama were seen. As they walked past the nui rama corpses, they decided to get a better look by having one of them climb up one of the temple's four towers. with some rope, lepridan climbed up one tower, taking in the surrounding view. Nothing was worth noting, and in the midst of their discussion, Stannis and Atiel came running back, out of breath. The fortress had been an illusion! Shortly after they entered, The fortress disappeered, and they were ambushed by large slugs! They came running back, and as they joined the rest of the group, Stannis wanted them to leave immediately, and go to po-koro. As the group crossed a small canyon and other terrain, they eventually found themselves ast po-koro.

Hafu's Kidnapping

As they went into a local bar and discussed the situation, they heard terrifying news: Tamaru, a former member of the Chronicler's Company , Was murdered recently by Makuta's followers. They then decided to assist in the protection of Hafu, another former chronicler's company member. Stannis and Atiel went to Hafu's hut, with Dece and Lepridan waiting in the shadows to help if a problem arises, while Aurax and Nichou went to see Turaga Onewa. Aurax explained to Onewa that he and Stannis's Companions only wanted to help and protect Hafu.

Unfortunately, their attempts only delayed the inevitable.  Hafu was captured.  The Companions then went to Onu-Koro, and Lekua joined their party.

Home at last

The companions travelled to Onu-Koro and split into small teams.  Nichou and some others went around to find Taipu's location, which was unsuccessful.  But Stannis found the next clue from Whenua and led the team to Ko-Koro.

Nuju's kidnapping

The team went to Ko-Koro and Stannis discussed privately with Nuju, who told him the second great prophecy.  The team was getting irritated by the veil of secrecy Stannis was creating.  Then, Makuta captured Nuju, to the dismay of all.  Soon after, Stannis's companions camped out on the slopes of Mount Ihu, where Stannis was confronted by Takua soon afterwards.   Takua told the Matoran of Plasma he had to dissolve the Companions and find the other chosen six.  Stannis brought the grave news to his friends and left them in the early morning.  Nichou then began travelling with Lekua.

There And Back Again

Lekua and Nichou split up in Onu-Koro, and Nichou had a mostly uneventful life until the Rahkshi attack at the end of the Makuta wars.  His house was luckily not damaged much, and his skills helped the village repair afterwards.

Arc Two

Once Onu-Koro had been fully repaired three months later, Nichou decided to go to Po-Koro to see Stannis.  He had heard the names of the Toa Maru, but what happened to Aurax and Lepridan?  He remembered them leaving with Stannis, but why were they not Toa? This question fueled Nichou's travels in the period of Makuta's absence.

Return to Po-Koro

While tagging along with a caravan to the newly-reclusive 'Lost Koro', Nichou met Ishi Polzin (Disguised as the jocular kohlii player Kyhra). The two became fast friends and shared an apartment for some weeks in the city. Nichou didn't manage to find Stannis, but he did become enthralled with work for Puroruk (Canon?) where he learned much about masonry and carving.

Massif Sabbatical

Not able to find Stannis in the Po-Toa's new home, Nichou decided to take a trip to his friend's spiritual home, the Massif. He and Ishi parted ways in Ko-Wahi, and never saw each other again. Soon after Nichou's arrival, Toa Antrim, the village's protector, died under suspicious circumstances. Shortly thereafter, news arrived of Ko-Koro falling to the Legacy of Makuta.

In the intervening weeks, Nichou built shelter for refugees who had managed to flee Ko-Koro's occupation. His efforts took the notice of the Massif's camerlengo and Toa Brykon, the new guardian of the settlement. Nichou finally saw Stannis as a Toa for the first time as the Wanderer returned from Ko-Koro's liberation

Arc Three


Formation of the New Companions

Abilities and Traits

Being an Onu-Matoran, Nichou has enhanced night vision.

Nichou is skilled in carpentry, carving, and architecture.




  • Anyone Makuta-affiliated