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D is a Toa of Lightning, and part of the Island Liberation Squad.










Neutral Evil


Trident, Knife.


Elemental control of Lighting, Kanohi power.


Island Liberation Front member


Island Liberation Front


Nitro Frost

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Once upon a time, Voriki worked for Ferrin, a notorious Xa-Koro crime lord, before quitting and beginning to wonder the island on a psychopathic rampage. During this time, he killed a Turaga named Sura, an action reported to Dark C Investigations, and another Turaga, which got him caught, and his eye gouged out by the detective called Chronn. He managed to escape from the detectives with use of his Kualsi and fled to Le-Wahi in an attempt to avoid pursuit.

Island Liberation Squad

Upon arrival in Le-koro, the Toa joined up with a group bent on freeing Lake Pala of Makuta's influence, taking on the Alias of 'Voriki', after an old legend of a Toa of Lightning. While on the detour to the Kumu Islets, Voriki managed to prove his worth to Madrihk when he took out a member of Ferrin's gang, his former associates , with a healthy dose of electricity. After aiding with Ferrin's defeat and a run in with a group from Dark C investigations, Voriki played a small role in the assault on the the Rama Hive and in protecting Pala-Koro from minor opponents.


After Pala-Koro was attacked and severly damaged by the Makuta followers, Voriki bailed and headed to Xa-Koro. Unfortunately, the village sank soon after his arrival, bringing him down with it. 

Appearance and Tools

D wields a Trident and a Knife, both of which are good for channeling his Elemental Energy. During Thedar Chronn's interrogation, his eye was removed. During the Second Interrogation, his Kualsi was smahsed and replaced with a powerless Ruru. He plans to reforge the Kualsi at a later date, with a built-in eyepatch. He is entirely purple, with a cloak to obscure himself, and just to make him look cooler.


As a Toa of Lightning, D posseses a moderate level of control over Lightning, and is very good at attacking with it, using his Kualsi to confuse his enemies. He can also drain Elemental Energy from other Toa of Lightning if he has a way to touch them, directly or indirectly.


Friends and Allies



"And if he tries to take me with him...strike him down where he stands."


  • Nitro Frost made this Character originally as a nameless assassin for the Dark Chronicler's Detective Agency, but he found him too much fun to play as to just let die.
  • After Ferrin was first mentioned, D worked himself into the organization.
  • Voriki has switched players from his original controller, Nitro Frost, into the hands of BenLuke-116, after a length period of inactivity.