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"Some spiders make their prey dance. They use the strings, they turn it into their own personal marionette. Allow me to introduce Echelon. Allow him to introduce his puppets."
— Aerus

Vile vial.png
"Consider the blatant inevitability of attempts to harness liquid fucking evil backfiring on you."
Aliases Aerus

Xerov (Formerly) Elax (Formerly)

Element Lightning
Species Matoran
Pronouns He/Him
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Komau

Kakama (Formerly)

Weaponry/Equipment Protosteel-topped cane


History & Relationships
Native To Mata Nui
Faction The Legacy (Formerly)

Followers of Makuta (Formerly)

Allegiance Echelon (Formerly)
Occupation(s) Necromancer's assistant (Formerly)
OOC Information
Status (IC) Alive
Status (OOC) Active
Creator Blue
Pronunciation AIR-uss
Color (Hex) 000080
Color Preview

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Aerus (previous aliases Elax and Xerov) is a Matoran of Lightning and former servant of Echelon, originally from Ga-Koro. He prides himself on being observant, but can no longer trust his mind or his body.



At some point before he was introduced to the RPG, while going by the name Elax, he entered a romantic relationship with a Ta-Matoran named Jalna. A case of perceived infidelity, when he saw her with another man led to him threatening suicide atop a Ga-Wahi cliff. When confronted by Jalna, he lashed out at her in a jealous rage, and she fell to her death. Jalna's brother Tarrhus, the man Elax had seen her with, was a Ta-Koro guardsman, who recognised his sister's death as foul play and swore revenge.

Rather than confess to his crime, Elax adopted the alias Xerov and went into hiding in Ga-Koro.

Arc I

A fateful encounter with Joske Nimil on the beach in Ga-Koro, mere moments before the Tarakava attack that would lead to Joske meeting Cael and, eventually, becoming a Toa. Inspired by Joske's bravery, and aggressive efforts to convince Xerov to do something with his life, he decided to set out on a journey of self-discovery.

That was when he met Echelon, and it was all downhill from there. Offered a choice between servitude in life, or servitude in death, Xerov chose the former, and stayed with Echelon and the Followers of Makuta until he was briefly separated from them in the wake of the attack on Pala-Koro. It was during this time that he met Feongulf, who he asked to join him in leaving the followers to travel to Ta-Koro, to finally confront and kill Tarrhus. This quest led, eventually, to Onu-Koro, where Xerov was framed by the Dreamer for the murder of another Matoran, Myka, who had pushed Xerov aside and taken a bullet intended for him. Depressed and disheartened, Xerov surrendered himself to Tarrhus and the Ussalry, and was imprisoned in Onu-Koro for his crimes. However, when word of Makuta's defeat spread, he took the opportunity to escape and return to Echelon's side, anticipating that the Necromancer would have plans to fill that power vacuum.

Arc II

Having now assumed a new name and changed his appearance, donning a powerless Komau instead of his Kakama, Xerov - now Aerus - became the courier at the centre of Echelon's spy network, carrying messages to and from the Necromancer's lair. He stood at Echelon's side as the latter founded The Legacy, and took on the job of delivering a message to Joske Nimil on Echelon's behalf, in order to lure him and his companions into a trap. The trap, however, went poorly - Aerus found himself separated from Echelon, and trapped with his master's effective arch-nemesis, Merror. Never one to miss an opportunity, he saved Merror's life, and decided to play turncoat until he had an opportunity to come up with something better. However, at this time, he began to lose feeling in his left arm, and even experience occasional hallucinations, most notably having believed himself to have seen Jalna in a Le-Koro medical facility. Concerned by his deteriorating health, he secretly abandoned Merror and the others, returning to Echelon's lair and awaiting the return of the Dark Toa, unaware that Echelon's days were now numbered, and that they would never meet again.

Abilities and Traits

Aerus is intelligent and highly perceptive, with an inflated and very fragile ego that leads to alternating bouts of self-loathing and self-aggrandisement. Although initially quite nimble and quick on his feet, his health appears to be deteriorating, and by Arc III he has even begun to walk with a cane.


Friends and Allies



"I can see how you're looking at me, but I didn't choose this life. In fact, I've tried to leave, more than once, for all the good it's done me. Walking out on Echelon isn't a particularly easy task to accomplish, because the fact of the matter is, you didn't walk out. He let you walk, and as soon as you walk you have to start running." Aerus to Agni, justifying his repeated returns to Echelon's side.


  • In his first few posts, Xerov managed to reference the future memes 'I don't like sand', and 'We live in a society', without the slightest hint of irony on Blue's part. Utterly tragic.